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Our Right To The Land Of Israel

The Torah predicts an international delegitimisation campaign against the Jewish claim to Israel and teaches us how to respond.

Parshat Ki Tavo – As broadcast on Chai FM

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07 September 2017


Our Right To The Land Of Israel (Edited Transcript)

The Torah predicts an international delegitimisation campaign against the Jewish claim to Israel and teaches us how to respond.

07 September 2017


Iron Dome Diplomacy

“Sinai Today” regular column by the Chief Rabbi in “The Jerusalem Post”

29 November 2012


Chief Rabbi’s Press Release about Archbishop Tutu and the Holocaust Centre

This statement was made in response to a petition launched to remove Archbishop Tutu as a patron of the Holocaust Centre

14 January 2011


Open Letter to Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The sanctions campaign against Israel is morally repugnant.

(Published in the Independent Newspapers and Jerusalem Post – 4 November 2010)

18 November 2010


Threat to Freedom

In a recent op-ed published in a number of newspapers, the Chief Rabbi writes that the international campaign of delegitimising Israel is a form of intellectual tyranny and a threat to freedom.

11 August 2010


Judging Israel

The Jerusalem Post interviewed the Chief Rabbi about comparisons between Israel and apartheid South Africa.

11 August 2010


The Goldstone Mission is Politics, Not Law

The Goldstone Report uses the veneer of law to give credibility to its anti-Israel agenda.

14 October 2009


Lessons from the War in Gaza

The Gaza War was so tragic. If only the Gaza people had chosen peace things would have been so different.

28 February 2009


Israel Is Not an Apartheid State

To accuse Israel of apartheid is unfair and untrue and diminishes apartheid’s real victims.

03 August 2008


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