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Why is Yom Kippur the happiest day of the year? (Edited Transcript)

The Mishna refers to Yom Kippur as one of the two happiest days of the year. The Gemara explains that it’s a day of forgiveness for our misdeeds, the opportunity to begin our lives afresh, free from the mistakes and wrongdoings of the past.

13 September 2018


Rosh HaShana – What is the difference between hearing and listening? (Edited Transcript)

What is the difference between hearing and listening?

06 September 2018


How does the farmer tell the story of the Jewish people? (Edited Transcript)

Storytelling is what makes us human, what differentiates us from all other creatures. Stories show us where we came from, and where we are going.

29 August 2018


Why does the Torah promise the reward of a long life to those who honour their parents? (Edited Transcript)

On the surface, sending away a mother bird before taking her eggs and honouring one’s parents have little in common. Yet for both the Torah offers the same reward – a long and good life.

24 August 2018


What is the connection between Lego and mitzvot? (Edited Transcript)

While we are alive on this earth, we are a work in progress. We are in this world to build, brick by brick, a beautiful edifice bearing testament to a productive, fulfilling, meaningful life.

16 August 2018


Can you prepare for a spiritual experience? (Edited Transcript)

Elul, the month leading up to Rosh Hashana, gives us the opportunity to prepare for this auspicious time, which is of the utmost significance and impact.

08 August 2018


What does it mean to pray? (Edited Transcript)

Prayer is described by our sages as “service of the heart”. At its essence, prayer is about cultivating an emotional connection – a real relationship – with G-d.

02 August 2018


How do we love G-d? (Edited Transcript)

Our Sages outline four approaches to cultivating a love of G-d.

26 July 2018


How do we react to criticism? (Edited Transcript)

Tisha b’Av and the Three Weeks are a time of national reawakening. A time to reflect how far we have come as a nation and what we can do to move forward together.

19 July 2018


How do we find joy in the process? (Edited Transcript)

Life is messy. Full of loose ends, false starts, unfulfilled objectives. The Torah recognises this imperfect state of affairs.

12 July 2018


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