Dear Friends

Welcome to the portal to access the ancient and Divine wisdom of the Torah.

In a world of pressure, confusion and challenge, we need to navigate our way and understand our lives from the perspective of G-d’s eternal wisdom as He created us and our universe.

There are two quotations on the Homepage. The first reads, “Turn it [the Torah] over and over for everything is in it”.  These words tell us that everything we need to understand in our world and in our lives can be found in the teachings of G-d’s Torah.

The second is a quotation I read a few years ago, which has since remained in my mind: “The Torah speaks in the language of tomorrow”.  The author of these words was Rabbi Mordechai Pinchas Teitz.  He lived in the 20th century and escaped from Eastern Europe to America in the years before the outbreak of the Second World War and the devastating Holocaust that destroyed European Jewry. The conventional wisdom then was that Judaism would have no place in the new world, that the ancient teachings of the Torah may have been relevant in the primitive back waters of Eastern Europe, but would have no place in the modern, exciting and sophisticated world of America.  Rabbi Teitz passionately believed otherwise.  He believed, as we do, that G-d gave us the Torah on Mount Sinai 3 322 years ago and that it was given for all times and for all situations.  With this vision Rabbi Teitz went on to build in Elizabeth, New Jersey one of the most successful Jewish communities in America.

The Torah speaks in the language of tomorrow.  Tomorrow is always changing with new circumstances and new challenges.  That is really what this website is about.  It is about a framework of understanding and relating to your life, your world and your community through the framework of concepts and values of G-d’s wisdom as revealed to us in the Torah.  The language of tomorrow means that the Torah has a relevant, new and fresh message for every situation and every society. G-d speaks to us through this wisdom and gives us the opportunity to really understand the world in which we live. is a portal to access these ideas and ancient teachings, and offers a framework of values to live by. Through the various sections of “Your Life”, “Your World”, “Your Community” and “Your Parsha”, this website aims to address all aspects of your experiences.

“Your Life” deals with your experiences, challenges and opportunities as an individual human being, with personal relationships and day-to-day living.

“Your World” is about understanding, relating to and engaging with the macro picture that affects the society in which you live and think about, whether in South Africa, Israel or any other arena.

“Your Community” is about your experiences as a member of the South African Jewish community and what that means.

And, of course, “Your Parsha” is about updating your understanding of the weekly Torah reading realising that there are endless new insights to be gained as it represents the infinite wisdom of Hashem.

So connect to the pulse of living wisdom and transcend every-day life to a realm that is of eternal value.

Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein