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“Like The Sand On the Seashore” (Edited Transcript)

G-d’s blessings to Abraham teach us about the Jewish people’s contribution to the world, as well as our eternity.

02 November 2017


Courage and Conviction (Edited Transcript)

Avraham’s courage and conviction of his belief in one G-d teaches us how to live with boldness.

26 October 2017


The Source Of All Blessing

“Sinai Today” – regular column by the Chief Rabbi in the “Jerusalem Post”

19 October 2017


G-d’s Covenant of Hope (Edited Transcript)

The rainbow is an important symbol as it represents G-d’s covenant and hope for the future of humanity.

19 October 2017


We Need A New Model Of Leadership To Change The Jewish World : Leadership Part 4

“Sinai Today” regular column by the Chief Rabbi in the “Jerusalem Post”.

10 October 2017


Bringing Clouds Down to Earth (Edited Transcript)

The secret of the Sukkah is the miracle of the clouds of glory.

04 October 2017


Yom Kippur Opportunities : Be Real (Edited Transcript)

This year Yom Kippur is on Shabbos and there is an important connection between the two.

28 September 2017


Compendium of Rosh HaShana Articles

The Chief Rabbi’s Rosh HaShana articles published in the Jewish Report, Cape Jewish Chronicle, Jewish Tradition, Yeshiva University Lamdan, Chai FM transcript to podcast, and message for shul magazines.

20 September 2017


We Are All Leaders : Leadership Part 3

Dr Robert Cialdini, a ground-breaking academic in the field of human behaviour, says in his book: Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion, that social influence is one of the most powerful forces in driving human behaviour. We are a very powerful source of influence on the people around us, even if we often don’t realise it. [...]

17 September 2017


The Central Idea Of Rosh HaShana (Edited Transcript)

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Rosh HaShana is almost upon us, and so this week instead of looking at the parsha, I would like to reflect on Rosh HaShana. Our Sages teach us that before every festival we need to prepare and get into the right frame of mind. We cannot just walk into shul on [...]

13 September 2017


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