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Taking Bribes (Edited Transcript)

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This week’s parsha, Mishpatim, discusses the prohibition on a judge to take a bribe. As the Torah puts it, “A bribe blinds the eyes of the intelligent and corrupts the words of the righteous.”
Rashi, quoting from the Gemara, says the prohibition against taking a bribe remains in effect even if the judge intends [...]

08 February 2018


Strangers In A Foreign Land (Edited Transcript)

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Names are important. When giving names to our children we choose very carefully. Some agonise for weeks, even months, over them.
When our great prophets give names to their children and these names are recorded in the Torah, they are imbued with a cosmic significance. What is the meaning and the message of these [...]

01 February 2018


Leaving Egypt With Yosef (Edited Transcript)

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This week’s parsha, Beshalach, begins with high drama. The Jewish people are leaving Egypt in their millions and are heading towards the Sea of Reeds chased by the Egyptian army. The scene is set for the incredible miracle of the splitting of the sea, with the Jewish people going through on dry land, [...]

25 January 2018


The Beginning Of Time (Edited Transcript)

In this week’s parsha, the journey to freedom begins with reinventing our relationship to time.

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19 January 2018


Chanukah Part II (Edited Transcript)

This is the second shiur of a two-part series on Chanukah, which is about a clashing of views as to how we understand the nature of wisdom.

14 December 2017


Chanukah Part I (Edited Transcript)

The upcoming festival of Chanukah is about clashing views of how to understand the nature of wisdom.

08 December 2017


A Home For G-d (Edited Transcript)

Jacob’s message is that by bringing G-d into our homes we are able to create a positive spiritual environment that enables us to overcome adversity and achieve greatness.

30 November 2017


Leaping Over Obstacles (Edited Transcript)

This week’s portion teaches us that if we set our minds to achieve greatness, G-d can help us overcome any challenges in our way.

23 November 2017


Life And Death (Edited Transcript)

This week’s portion gives us perspectives on death and on how to live a fulfilled, satisfied life.

16 November 2017


Laughter And Jewish Destiny (Edited Transcript)

Understanding the secret of the name “Yitzchak” is the key to our future.

09 November 2017


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