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The Shabbos Project (Jerusalem Post Article)

We are on the eve of The Shabbos Project and there is a wave of amazing and beautiful energy. Listen to some reflections about the spontaneous social energy that is everywhere in the community.

10 October 2013


Shabbos : The Centre That Holds (Edited Transcript)

Shabbos is the centre that holds us together. The Shabbos Project is just around the corner. Join us for this exciting initiative and let’s keep it together, as we unite with each other and return to our source.

04 October 2013


Compendium of Rosh HaShana Articles

The Chief Rabbi’s articles published in the “Jewish Tradition”, “Jewish Life”, “Jewish Observer”, “Jewish Report”, “Cape Jewish Chronicle” and message for shul magazines

02 September 2013


The Shabbos Project – keeping it together (Edited Transcript)

The Shabbos Project is a call to all South African Jews to come together from across the spectrum to keep one complete Shabbos together as a community. As we approach Rosh HaShana this is the perfect time to come together to commit to keeping this mitzvah.

29 August 2013


Prayer Part XIV : Living In Harmony With The World (Edited Transcript)

Living in sync with the Torah’s principles enables us to enjoy what we do and to do it to the best of our abilities.

22 August 2013


Prayer Part XIII : The Power Of Enjoyment (Edited Transcript)

Prayer has the potential to uplift human beings when we enjoy it.

16 August 2013


Chief Rabbi’s Report : UOS Conference August 2013

An overview of some of the most important aspects of the work of the Office of the Chief Rabbi

12 August 2013


Prayer Part XII : How To Stand Before Hashem (Edited Transcript)

The way we pray and the structure of the shul enable us to connect with Hashem

25 July 2013


Returning To A World Of Loving Friendship (Edited Transcript)

On this day of mourning, with so much still lacking in the world, let us return to G-d and build a loving relationship with Him and our fellow human beings.

11 July 2013


Mandela – A New Kind Of Celebrity

“Sinai Today” regular column by The Chief Rabbi in “The Jerusalem Post”

05 July 2013


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